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    About Pandora Scotto

    I’m a Mom, Wife and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My passion has always been to help my clients live a fulfilling life free of unnecessary anxiety, self-doubt and relationship problems.

    I started my professional career in a hospital setting helping patients cope with their medical diagnoses of cancer and heart disease. For many years, I was honored to work with patients in dialysis centers during their lifelong efforts of adjusting to significant losses and life altering changes which accompanied their chronic illness of End Stage Renal Disease.

    Beginning my private practice I utilized traditional talk therapy as a method for healing, but then along came my curiosity about EMDR.  Extensive training followed and the way I did therapy changed.  I observed clients achieving their personal goals at a much faster pace than what typically occurs during talk therapy.

    EMDR not only heals, but is able to  transform a person’s life.  My hope for you is that one day you walk into the session expressing positive emotions about the way your life has been transformed.  It is possible!

    Are You Ready To Take The First Step?