• You Are Stronger Than You Think

    Are you struggling with emotions and behaviors that make relationships and life difficult for you? Do you notice that life events often leave you feeling highly distressed or anxious?  Have your tried to make changes, but haven’t found the right combination? If so, let’s talk.

    I am an EMDR* therapist because EMDR works! EMDR is not only a healing process, but a transformative one as well.

    EMDR has helped many individuals with PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, phobias, insomnia, and low self esteem.  Additionally, I have found it to be helpful for individuals well established in the recovery process.

    *Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

    If you are ready to take this step, I am here to help.

    About Pandora Scotto, LCSW

    I’m a Mom, Wife and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My passion has always been to help my clients live a fulfilling life free of unnecessary anxiety, self-doubt and relationship problems.